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Nuud smarter balení - red & black

Smarter pack Black & Red - same nuud, same deal, different color.
The only thing we changed is the color. The Smarter Black Pack contains two 20ml black tubes; enough for 20 weeks of freshness and 25% cheaper than a Starter Pack. This way we don’t need to send you nuud so often.

Skladem (>5 pcs)
Code: 2322
Brand: Nuud
648,96 Kč 536,33 Kč excl. VAT
Category: Nuud
Warranty: 2 years
Weight: 0.4 kg
Material: Bioplast

Smarter Pack - 25% more benefits
Two 20ml tubes and enough for an average of 20 weeks of freshness. That’s 25% cheaper than a Starter Pack. That’s because we’ll need to send you less nuud. Saving a whole lot more than just money. That's how smart the Smarter Pack is.
Our cardboard packaging is made from biodegradable cardboard and fits through the mailbox. The tubes are made with 100% recyclable bioplastic made from sugarcane.
You can add a maximum of two Magic Caps to your Smarter Pack - so you can apply nuud without using your fingers. The caps - like our tubes - are made from sugarcane bioplastic.