Innovative "ONE-PULL" foldable bag designed in Japan

Have you struggled with folding your shopping bag? Did you ever wish your shopping bag is a nicer design? Shupatto is for you! The bag folds down neatly and quickly in seconds like magic!

It is cleverly designed with accordion pleats enabling the bag to expand into a big and roomy piece while instantly closing flat by just pulling both ends of the bag.  Simply roll it up to take on-the-go.  

It's made to be carried the day in and day out, and its tiny shape, when not in use, allows it to fit practically any place.

Saves time and space, and say goodbye to a single-use plastic bag!


- Machine-washable (Max temp: 40degrees C)

- The accordion pleats endure machine washing over 100 times, and still fold down in a second, ensuring a long-lasting product.

- Quick-drying

- Reusable / Foldable

- Very spacious and lightweight

- Winner of the iF DESIGN AWARD 2017 & reddot award 2016*

*Shupatto Medium and Large 


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375 Kč

The pocketable size is perfect to carry around. Designed to fit into your pocket and ready to be used whenever you need. It can take 6pcs of 500ml plastic bottle.

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699 Kč

The medium size is perfect for daily shopping and traveling. Also, useful for carrying your cake or anything similar that comes with a bulky, square box.

Code: 2511/SUM
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875 Kč

Bigger is better! The large size is great for weekend grocery shopping and can hold up to 15kg. Designed to fit it into most shopping baskets and pack up what you've just...

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